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7th August 2016

Boston Ivy Registry is home to some of the most specialised Top Level Domains (TLDs) in the financial services sector, including .broker, .forex, .CFD, .markets, .spreadbetting and .trading. The company is backed by IG Group, a FTSE 250 listed, global leader in online trading. Now fully live and operational since Q4 2015, many financial companies, banks and brokers have come forward to register their domain name of choice.

All 6 of the TLDs on offer are ‘open’, meaning that domain registrations from any third party are possible, via one of Boston Ivy’s accredited Registrars (visit the Get.TLD websites for more information on Boston Ivy’s Registrar partners). That said, the .CFD [‘Contracts for Difference’] and .Spreadbetting TLDs are an exclusive web space for entities holding a regulatory license for these financial products from a financial regulator, and it is only these entities who can acquire a domain name and gain access. In this way, Boston Ivy is building a trusted eco-system, at a time in which end-users are actively seeking to trade and engage with responsible, regulated financial services providers.


Boston Ivy’s unique, keyword-specific domains are helping financial companies, traders and brokers get ahead in a highly competitive industry, one in which players are digitally savvy and often established leaders in online marketing. The Boston Ivy TLDs are words frequently searched by those with interests in trading-related activities and keywords like ‘forex’ and ‘spreadbetting’ in particular are expensive to acquire. Therefore, with specific keywords forming part of the domain name, there is an excellent opportunity for companies to increase their conversion rates and improve their costs per acquisition. As such, the TLDs are well-placed to ease budgetary pressures and they can also help a company with a diversified product line streamline its message.


  "Boston Ivy’s domains are a unique and innovative way for companies to reach out and make that direct connection with their audience”, explains Alastair Hine, Chief Innovation Officer at Boston Ivy. “In the competitive world of financial services, our TLDs are a way to clearly signpost your business and rise above the noise”.



Quite simply, new TLDs offer more choice and different TLDs are reflective of different business strategies. For example, the .bank domain extension was created to become a more trusted and secureonline destination for banks and their clients. To ensure this comes to fruition, businesses looking to purchase a .bank domain name must meet enhanced security requirements and be a verified member of the global banking community. As such, and as well as acting as a unique identifier,the domain name can be part of a bank’s overall cybersecurity strategy.

Some TLDs may be brand focused, and act as a defensive or offensive strategy to help tackle intellectual property infringement issues, whilst leveraging the power of a well-known brand name. And others are distinctive keywords, designed to provide an online marketing advantage. Overall, each TLD speaks clearly to consumers, directing them to destinations of their choice.



Boston Ivy is uniquely positioned as a company and indeed as a domain name registry. IG chose to set up the Boston Ivy subsidiary and allow it to run as a start-up, employing a working style and tools which are different to the rest of the company. Whilst the domain name business is entirely new to IG, the benefits flow across the whole Group and the project is now recognised as being one of strategic importance.

This is in part due to Boston Ivy’s additional focus around building up a network of industry-leading websites and content for the financial market, with a team of skilled developers, designers and marketeers, as well as an editorial team with journalists previously hailing from Dow Jones, Reuters and Wall Street Journal. The websites all make use of the Boston Ivy TLDs and serve as showcase sites for companies in the financial space who are focused on client acquisition, education and retention, as is the case for IG.

Boston Ivy’s high performing websites are already making the news – quite literally with News.Markets, and advising traders with the comparison site, Reviews.Spreadbetting. IG is also successfully using theTLDs as platforms to market and streamline the various segments of its business:


While Boston Ivy’s marketing efforts are focused on the financial market, the .Markets and .Broker TLDs also offer opportunities in industries outside of finance too – think food.markets and insurance. broker. Many domain name registrants have been quick to see this opportunity and there is definitely room for creativity!

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