Premium domain names

Premium Domain Names

New Generic Top Level Domains act as a sign post for specific content across the Net, allowing businesses and individuals to present relevant information to a targeted audience. The Boston Ivy Registry is the home of 6 financial-related gTLDs which will help ensure a trusted space for financial service professionals and interested parties to trade, communicate, learn and invest.

Premium Names are frequently searched words and phrases and Boston Ivy has chosen to create a list of such domain names, using objective criteria from third party sources and financial services knowledge, and to set them aside from initial allocation. Although the list is composed primarily of English words and phrases, a subset of the list has been translated into core languages. Premium Names differ from reserved domains which the Boston Ivy Registry is obliged to hold back as part of its Agreement with ICANN.

The intention is to distribute these Premium Names domains in an equitable manner, other than the traditional first-come-first-served basis, using allocation processes such as auctions, Requests for Proposals based on content ideas from applicants and special price programmes which reflect the value of these domains. Each announced allocation process will outline the rules of engagement and any obligations on the part of the successful applicant/winner.

Boston Ivy has made allocation of these names an ongoing project, and wishes to be responsive to market desires while adhering to its obligations to ICANN. Overall, the objectives of Premium Names allocation are to:

  1. Create a level playing field in the allocation of these names
  2. Help ensure that content providers and brands operating in the financial services markets have access to desired names
  3. Increase the likelihood that these domain names will provide the financial community with rich content and relevant features and services
  4. Preserve the stability and security of Registry operations

There is no fixed schedule for Premium Name allocation processes, however, parties may at any time specify their interest in specific Premium Names by contacting us via If no immediate release is agreed, when that specific Premium Name is due to be allocated, all parties who have expressed an interest in that name will be informed as to how they can participate in the allocation process.

In compliance with the Registry Agreement with ICANN, all Premium Names will be subject to the Claims Service by the Trademark Clearing House. Additionally, all Premium Names will be subject to the Registry Policies and all Premium Name renewal fees will be the same as the initial registration fee, unless otherwise agreed with the Registry.

For any queries on Premium Names, please contact the Boston Ivy Registry at

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